Alignment with the Click of a Button

Alignment with the Click of a Button

Alignment with the Click of a Button

It so happens I have a girlfriend who is somewhat of a genius in the graphic design world. Yesterday we were working on a design project, and when I say ‘we’ I mean I was watching her work her magic while doing a very good job of staying quiet…most of the time.  Not the  brightest idea to break the concentrated flow of an artist, or anyone for that matter.

The project was starting to look like an actual image and she stops and casually says to me “Its all about Alignment.” I immediately got excited and said “I KNOW!…do you realize what you just said?” She’s pretty familiar with the work

I do in coaching, and after a quick ponder I saw the lights go on, Ah-ha! So cool how two totally different “worlds” the design world and the loa coaching world, are both all about alignment.

We know that in the physical world, in order for us to manifest what we desire, there needs to be an alignment of energies first…meaning you need to be on the same feeling level as that of your desire.

A few moments passed as she continued to work, and then as a little grin grew on her face, she commented “Yah but I can get alignment with a click of a button.” Touche. This then made me think and start to imagine, what if we could get alignment with a click of a button or the snap of our fingers? There certainly would be a whole lot of instant manifestation going on!! Is that what we would want? It does seem like it most of the time.

I love how if we want something, we can get it. But I do want to highlight here that there is a certain sweetness of the journey to the desire. It is the up and down moments, the effort and the personal realizations that give the end result so much more juice. I remember clearly, winning a provincial championship with a team, and having been through hours of training, exercises, skill building, strategy planning, and really putting every last bit of energy into that Gold medal game…now that felt Good! If we had just won without putting energy and effort and part of our hearts into that game, I can guarantee you it would not have felt as satisfying. When you are working on a project or building a business, if all you had to do was press a button and its done, would it really be that exciting, valued or important to you?

Although finding alignment with a click of a button is amazing for the design world, I challenge all of you to relax a little, knowing that what you want IS coming to you, and play with and have some fun creating alignment with your next desire.