Do you get lost in your head?

Do you get lost in your head?

Do you get lost in your head?

This past week I was reminded once again how foundational being present is to our feeling fulfilled in this life. I was lost in daydreaming about the future, wondering how things would turn out, if I was doing the right things right now to get to where I want to be…and then I caught myself feeling “off” and realized how I was all lost in my mind and thoughts. I gently reminded myself of a few things about getting lost in our thoughts:

Anytime you are “thinking” about anything, you are focused in the past or on future.

Your attention is focused somewhere else, and as deliberate creators you know, all of your manifesting power is in your awareness of the present moment. The now moment is the only space you can emit a vibration to the universe and ultimately create your future. You can think about the past or the future, but you can never go BE there and change the way you feel, you can only change the way you feel right now.

What you are feeling now is what you are creating more of for your future.

It’s as if the now is almost passé because you have created your now experiences in the past. You are currently living something you’ve created in the past. This doesn’t mean you have to feel amazing in every moment to create positive experiences in the future, but feeling an underlying sense of peace and trust, opens up the energetic space for more good feelings to flow in moment by moment. Let this present moment dictate what your future feels like.

Your greatest power is in your Beingness.

The past and the future are experienced in our mind and not in our full being. We have talked about before your two different “selves” – physical world self (thinking mind) and the non-physical energy part of you (spirit). Beingness can be thought of as the blending of your thinking focus and your non-physical energy focus. Your non-physical energy is always and forever focused in the moment and so when you choose to bring your thinking focus to the present moment, you line up with non-physical energy. By doing this you open up the channel for the energy that creates worlds to flow through YOU. This is the essence and power of the present moment.

Life happens right now. Your life is happening right now. It’s not later. It’s not when you retire. It’s not when you meet the lover or make enough money. Your life is right now and it will always be right now. You might as well choose to start feeling better and enjoying life right now…because it is never going to get better than right now, unless it gets better right now!