Manifest It Now!

Manifest It Now!

Manifest It Now!

This past weekend I found myself standing absolutely still and perfectly silent inside the front hall closet during an intense game of hide and seek. I was amusing myself with the idea that very shortly, I would be coming out of the closet…again. This time though, it would be way more fun and much easier!

Which is like so many experiences that we have in this life…much easier the second time round. Over a year and a half ago, Cassie and I first launched our podcast Manifest It Now, and I remember sitting there together recording our first episode feeling all nervous and giggly. I was worried I wouldn’t know what to say or I would say the wrong thing or worst of all, people wouldn’t like the real me (yes these doubts still arise in conscious creators). That was the first time.

 [1] Your Manifesting Sweet Spot

Starting the podcast with Cassie was one of the scariest and BEST things things I have ever done for myself and for my business. Interesting how those two things so often go together, isn’t it? It is that place of nervous excitement that I like to call a manifesting sweet spot. It is always a little bit uncomfortable when we are growing and changing, but when you find alignment first, it is equally as exciting.

This is the second time. Cassie and I are continuing to follow inspiration and have decided to leave the LOA Radio Network to host our podcast on our own platform. This time as we recorded our first “new” episode, I was still feeling the sweet spot of nervous excited energy for a new adventure, but this time with way less doubt and an experiential knowing that all is well. Once again, the second time round was so much more fun and easier!

[2] We learn and grow through our life experiences

The only way we actually learn something is to have a life experience. I quote Abraham-Hicks all the time when referring to this as they say “Words do not teach, true knowing comes from life experience.” We literally grow from every experience. When you choose this perspective it allows you to feel good about your experiences. To release judgement of good or bad and simply allow yourself to experience your life.

If there is something sitting in the back of your mind that you are wanting, start by uncovering what is exciting about it, be guided to that manifesting sweet spot and step into the action with the intention of simply living the experience.

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