Striving vs Surrendering

Striving vs Surrendering

Striving vs Surrendering

What is the balance between Striving for our desires and Surrendering to allow them to flow to us?

To Strive: From one tried and tested point of view, we are taught from leaders to always be working towards something, to have a clear goal and vision and the more we want it and the harder we try to get there, the better!

To Surrender: Another popular and proven technique teaches that in order for anything to come into our experience we must release the “trying” attitude and find the “allowing” vibe if we want it to flow easily into our experience.

So which is it? Well both work. But I believe they work best in a balance together.

Surrender + Strive = A deliberate creators sweet spot

I believe that we are energy that, by nature, are constantly expanding and that expansion is expressed through our new desires. It feels great to want, dream and imagine about a wide variety of things, right? If you answered yes, then you are successfully practicing one of the greatest deliberate creation techniques: Allowing yourself to Feel Good wanting something. And that my friends is the key to the striving half of the equation – Strive for it…only if it feels good to do so!

If you starting thinking about something that you want, and it feels too far out of reach, maybe unattainable or not realistic and causes you more stress than excitement – pass on that thought for now. I’m not saying pass on the desire completely, because I know you can Be, Do or Have anything you desire, just give it a little time, and wait until you are in a place of greater belief, and you will find the feel good about it.

Okay so we figured out ½ of the equation, but what about surrendering? How much of it do we let go of so the UNIVERSE can work its magic, and how much do WE take care of?

According to the law of attraction, it is true that if we go through our days feeling like “we aren’t there yet” or “we don’t have it yet” and always putting out that wanting vibe, then the universe will provide back more evidence to support the not having of it. This is where the surrendering part of the equation comes in. If we can let go of and surrender the attachment to the outcome, things will begin to flow much easier for us. Start practicing what it feels like to have what you want now, and the universe MUST respond to provide you with evidence to support what you are putting out there. Our only work is to Feel Good in the wanting of it, and practice that feeling of having it…know that it actually already IS.


Feel Good when you think about what you want



Letting Go of it actually happening or not, instead taking on the attitude as if it has already happened



It WILL manifest for you without you even realizing it happened