Valentines Day Be Unconditional Today

Valentines Day

Valentines Day Be Unconditional Today

Be unconditional in your love today. Towards the significant others in your life, towards the strangers you run into today, towards your children, your parents, your furry friends, and most importantly towards Yourself. There is nothing stopping you right now from being open to give and receive love for absolutely no reason at all!

We are beings of love energy at our core. Pure positive, fantastically free love energy, THAT is who you are! Isn’t that incredible? You have access to this unlimited flow of good feeling energy coming through you at all times. Seriously stop and think of that…it completely blows me away!  And yet sometimes, for so many different reasons, we choose to block this flow. By observing, mostly unconsciously, and focusing on something that doesn’t please us or make us feel good, we limit the natural stream. Being unconditional is all about non-judgement of good or bad, and simply accepting what is, as right. Being unconditional is all about opening up and letting the innate love energy that is available to us at all times flow through our human form. Being unconditional is all about not letting anything outside ourselves determine how we feel inside. You, that you in that body of yours, you get to choose how you feel. There is nothing outside of you that can force you to feel a certain way. You always get to choose. When you allow your mood to be free of the conditions of your life, you are being unconditional…and wow the Freedom IS beyond amazing!

  • Appreciate the weather today by choosing too feel good whether the temperature is -220C (like it is here) or +320C (like it is somewhere else in the world).
  • Be grateful for your body today, exactly the way it is. Know your body is hearty, and that your inner being is happy to be in your body right now, regardless of size or shape or what it can or can’t do. Love your body unconditionally today.
  • Love your money today! With no judgements of too much or too little, feel appreciative for everything that money has brought into your life to this day. You have the ability to feel positive about money from wherever you are, independent of the external conditions.
  • Feel great about your significant other today regardless of what they do or don’t do for you, how they act or don’t act today, and simply because you know they are an amazing human being and you get to be a part of their life.
  • Most importantly. Be unconditional towards your self today. Tell the little voice inside your head, the one that whispers all day long…that today there are going to be rules. You are only allowing thoughts of love and support to be heard, and anything else will be thrown out the window today. This means any crazy idea you have that you aren’t good enough or doing enough or ANYTHING but perfect, let it move on through your consciousness, and let yourself be the love that you innately are. Shine bright and give yourself permission to be the person you are right now.

Take the external conditions out of the equation today and find your happy in this moment. Explore what your unconditional feels like. I Dare You!

With Lots of Unconditional Love,