What Is Alignment?

What Is Alignment?

What Is Alignment?

Have you ever heard me talk about Alignment and wondered to yourself what it actually means…what does it look like in the real world Ginny? A very valuable question because as you all know, Alignment is one of the most important concepts to leveraging the Law of Attraction, so gaining a better grasp on what it means will indeed boost your manifesting! I’m going to share with you three key principles brought to my attention a couple days ago.

I was working with a fitness trainer on a new exercise and after I completed a few repetitions she stopped and commented on how I could improve my form. Her words were “If you pull your shoulder blades back and keep your chest more forward, you are in better alignment and will have more strength.” It immediately clicked for me because I understand vibrational alignment!

[1] When you are in alignment you can access more manifesting power

I knew I would have more physical strength when my body position was aligned, the same way you have more vibrational power when your vibration is aligned. This exemplifies why you want to get into alignment before you take any action. When you are vibrationally aligned before you act, you will experience the result you intended (the muscles I was focusing on would get stronger). If I continued to take action and do the exercise without proper alignment, I would not get the full results I desired and in fact may injure myself.

[2] Alignment is a Process 

I do want to point out that in this example it was important for me to take some action and then fine tune the alignment. I am a big supporter of inspired and aligned action, but I believe it is a process and you can learn so much by observing yourself through taking action. I was inspired to try the exercise (some alignment) and then was guided to the most effective positioning (more alignment) along the way. Which is why a coach is helpful, but also knowing that eventually I will be able to complete the exercise on my own with consistent alignment.

Something else the trainer said as we progressed, (which is also so relate-able for everyday life) was  “You will learn what the alignment feels like and it will become more natural for your body to get into that positioning.” It was like fireworks going off in my mind, and I did give her an over-enthusiastic, yes I know, isn’t it amazing how that works?! Obviously she is referring to the physical body and I am referring to vibration, but same same!

[3] You Get Familiar with the Feeling of Alignment and it Eventually Happens Organically

This is exactly what my clients and I work on together! When you get familiar with what your alignment feels like, it becomes easier to access for you; the same way that the more I experience and feel what the proper movement is like, the easier I am able to move with the most effective form. The part I love most about this concept is that we don’t really really know what it feels like, until we experience it. When I found the proper alignment in my body, I could literally feel the access to more strength, and from that experience I learned what the alignment felt like, and it was easier to go there the next time.

Remember you are the only one responsible for your own alignment, and when you learn how to find it, you have access to this Crazy Awesome Miracle Creating Power.

Have FUN creating today!