You are the most


thing you will ever


be powerful
be free
be you

Consciously Create a life Alive with Purpose & Passion

Hey there!

Hi, I’m Ginny Gane.

Ready to step fully into the drivers’ seat of your life as an unapologetically and powerfully aligned Conscious Creator?

I’m here to be your Guide along the greatest adventure of a lifetime…being more fully you! 

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loa action plan
Daily Practice

In this downloadable PDF guide, I reveal the 4 daily routines for getting into alignment and amping up your attraction power. 


the champion mindset

Listen to my best-selling book on how to leverage the Law of Attraction (even if you think you know the basics).


Alignment Quiz

Decode your current stage of alignment and learn the next step on your journey to activate your full manifestation potential.

You are meant to Be Powerful

Life is not happening to you. You are vibrationally choosing your life. It’s time to become conscious and own your ultimate power to create your reality.

You are meant to Be Free

Freedom is your natural state. When you discover how to transcend your mental limitations and release emotional residue that’s stuck in your body, you access unlimited potential & possibility.

You are meant to Be You

Your soul longs for expression. Let your unique gifts drop in as alignment takes hold — and watch as living your purpose becomes as easy as breathing.

When you understand Vibration, Frequency & Energy, you understand Human Potential.

Everything is Energy — including you. Just as manifestation teaches us that thoughts become things, in much the same way,  energy creates our reality. If you want to experience a life better than your wildest dreams, then it starts by examining your current vibration. That’s the key to stepping into a new level of Consciousness — AND a new level of creation. 

Each Higher level of Consciousness you tap into ignites new manifestations, new opportunities, and new results. Our work together will show you how to confidently explore these different paths as you discover who you’re truly meant to be — and what you’re here to create.


I’ll give you the transformational tools and breakthrough trainings that switch on the light of your Inner Conscious Creator.
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LOA Skills Camp

The Law of Attraction Skills Camp is your path from manifestor to conscious creator. This is where you apply the skills and step into your absolute power to create your reality. You become a student of your own Alignment, and your life becomes an exciting playground of potentiality.


Awaken Your Truth

Realize your highest potential alongside a community of beautiful humans who are doing the vibrational work and having fun along the way.

This is the space where conscious creators come to transform their vibration, elevate their consciousness and create a new way of being in this world. 

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Top Ranked Podcast

Manifest It now

In this podcast, my co-host Cassie and I show you how to turn the Law of Attraction into your biggest ally. With over 300 episodes, this is a behind-the-veil look into how the Universe *actually* works — with hands-on strategies and practical tactics for surrendering to the flow (instead of fighting what is). 


One part fun, one part deep, all parts real, Manifest It Now is your shortcut for creating like a LOA pro. 

Oh hello again!

Today, I can genuinely say alignment is my natural state– ease and flow, but this wasn’t always my reality. For a long time, I struggled to feel good, to know who I am – and was constantly faced with decisions about what I wanted. In one direction, do what was expected and socially accepted. In the other, do what I really wanted, usually against the grain  — and live my truth. 

You can guess which path I took! Once I learned how to be in my power, I set myself free, and uncovered what it means to be fully me. Through it all, I’ve discovered that we truly are the conscious creators of our reality and anything is possible. And once I committed to choose and trust myself, the goodness and richness that life had to offer showed up effortlessly. 

Part of my purpose here is to lead those who are seeking, to the absolute power within — because once you shine a light on who you REALLY are, there is no doubt, no fear. There is only love.