Are You Trying Too Hard?

Are You Trying Too Hard?

Are You Trying Too Hard?

Sometimes I play this game with myself and the radio in the car. The rules are pretty simple, I think of a topic in my head, like some area of my life or something going on, for example, my relationship, my work, or maybe my day today, and then I say okay the next song that I hear is somehow going to give me a message about the topic I am thinking about. It works really awesome sometimes like when I am thinking about how my next speaking gig will go and Hakuna Matata comes on and totally chills me out.

There are times I play this game when I get very confused, for example when I was setting an intention to teach a transforming yoga class in the afternoon and the song told me “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun”…I just couldn’t make the connection.

But today I decided to play the radio game and I was thinking about the new program that I am in the process of creating for you guys, and this is the song that came on:

It was a perfect message from the Universe to stop trying to hard! I don’t consider myself a hardcore driven, type A personality, I take pride in how I value and practice a work/play life balance. Although hearing this song and being open to the message behind it, caused me to reflect back on my life and realize that for the majority of my life, (and I’m guessing most of yours too), I have always been working towards something. Always had a goal in mind, always trying to get better or do something more. A big part of me likes and appreciates this aspect because I SO value self improvement, but I also am aware that “trying” equals resistance in our vibrational universe that we live. So where can we find the balance? Abraham reminds us that we are naturally ‘wanting’ beings and our purpose here is expansion; that expansion happens naturally, we cannot stop the stream or the life flow of energy, and the more we paddle upstream or “try”, the harder our ride down the river is.

It’s simple….Trying = Resistance in the Universe

Here is a catch though, you CAN get to where you want to be by fighting against the current, pushing your way through, and working really hard. You will get there. But when you get there – ask yourself how was the journey? We already know that an unhappy journey never leads to a happy ending. Maybe choose to take your focus off the end result, or the goal, and onto the journey, make the journey happy, and you are guaranteed a happy result.

Thinking of how much trying, pushing and forcing I have done in my life, makes me want to just stop and take a big breath. We are eternal and we can never get it all done, so why and not sit back and enjoy the ride? It is definitely a journey and a learning process to be able to just BE in the moment without needing something to be different for us to be happy. All is well and life is good. Finding a way to take so much ‘trying’ out of life creates a sense of peace that is so much more healthy for ourselves and everyone around us.

“You don’t have to try so hard, you don’t have to give it all away, you just have to get up, get up, get up, you don’t have to change a single thing” – Colbie Caillat