Ginny Gane

In this 9 month program you will learn how to:

  • Access and trust your own inner guidance by connecting to the deepest part of your Self
  • Release old emotional pain-bodies, so you can experience true freedom of being
  • Move beyond mental mind limitations to open the channel to unlimited potential
  • Manifest from your soul - be the open vessel for consciousness to create through you

What does it mean to Awaken Your Truth?

The truth of who we are is in our connection to All That Is, to Source, to love. When we consciously open to this truth, we experience an aliveness for life, a perfect unfolding, and an everlasting joy of being. 

As we release the conditioned stories and move beyond identification with the mind, we open to an experience greater than words can describe. The peace beyond all understanding. We become unconditional and unlimited.

This is possible for you. The Awaken Your Truth program is about guiding you through this powerful transformation, so that you regain freedom from worries about the past and concerns about the future.

Awaken Your Truth is about opening to the beautiful journey of your soul’s desires, connected to the peace that passes all understanding, and aligning with the energy that creates worlds to experience a life full of clarity, vibrancy, joy, and love. 

Join us as we come together, hold the space and guide you to own your conscious power and Awaken Your Truth.

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