How I Know What I do Works!

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How I Know What I do Works!

I am a life coach. I love seeing people learn about themselves, uncover who they are, what they believe in, find and live their truth. More specifically, one of my true passions is teaching individuals how to use the Law of Attraction to get what they want. Anything they want.


For those of you that have been playing with the law of attraction for a while, you understand the universal laws and principles, and know that it is in fact a real thing. That we are, at the core, vibrational beings and we can influence our environment and reality around us by deliberately choosing what energetic frequencies we put out into the world. For those people that are more new to the idea that we are 100% responsible for everything that we experience, you may question the whole idea. You may “kinda” believe that there is something out there, but not really sure or believe that it actually makes any real difference in our everyday experience. Like yes okay, some people can choose to think different thoughts, or start to use affirmations, or create vision boards, but does it really have any real affect on their life?


I believe with all my inner and outer knowings, as much as I can actually “know” anything, that there is an invisible field of energy that we can play with and manipulate to bring more of what we want into our experience. I know this from many many years of experience playing with it, I know from the loads of scientific research, but I most recently know from one of my most powerful (and obvious to the outside world) examples of deliberately creating what I wanted.

This is how I know what I do works…

About 3 weeks ago I was getting re-focused on my goals, (you know how focus is like a roller coaster, on and off, up and down) and I became more aware of my desire for more financial abundance in my life. 

So I said to myself “Self…we need to start using some LOA tools to deliberately create what you want. Start being the person you want to be, now.” Everyday for 10 days, I listened to a 15min financial abundance meditation. I also practiced driving around as a rich girl. I would be driving in my car and my thoughts would be wandering and when I became conscious of this, I would bring myself back and think, “oh pretend you are a millionaire right now – how would it feel different?” The first thing I did every time was sit up a little straighter, and then I would totally relax knowing I could have anything I wanted in the whole world…well pretty much anything. There was this sense of peace knowing that everything is being taken care of and I don’t have to worry about anything. *Alignment*

I was able to spend more and more time *In Alignment* (out of worry) and I simply trusted and started to believe what Abraham was telling me during the meditations.

My path to financial abundance is an emotional path, it is not one of action, and it’s not going to take me long, because I am already well along my way.’ – I can feel it!

The fastest way to get to an improved financial condition is to look for pleasing things that I already have’ – I started consciously noticing and writing down all the abundance that already existed in my life.

And here is the best part – BIG evidence of my alignment showed up in so many ways within the past week:

  1. I saved $400 during a special shopping sale
  2. There was $25,000 deposited into my account (not actually mine, but a great sign of abundance)
  3. A past client reached out for more coaching
  4. These UN-expected dollars, in check form, came in the mail: $1100.06, $2000.00, $238.34, $542.33, $513.55
  5. Lastly…this morning I opened my email to discover another $422.00 waiting in my Paypal account!

How do I know what I do works? …because I live it! I live an extraordinary LOA life and see evidence everyday of the universe responding to my dominant vibration. It is so empowering to know that we are responsible for our life! I invite you to think about what it is you desire most at this time, and start to deliberately create your reality. It IS so possible!