Manifesting at 30,000 feet

Manifesting at 30,000 feet

Manifesting at 30,000 feet

Just last week Constance was about 33,000 feet high up in the air – and feeling a little down. 

She was flying from Ireland to London for a creative writing program. 

She’d been dreaming about motoring around London in a luxury car, like a BMW or Mercedes. But when it came time to book the rental car, those options were way too pricey. 

So she went with a basic stick shift that came with good insurance. At least she was covered on that front. But she wasn’t exactly excited about it. 

So when she found herself staring out the plane window, six miles above ground, she thought, “I want a really nice carOne with a decent engine size, an automatic transmission, and just an overall classy ride!”

So she asked the Universe to deliver her an amazing upgrade.

When she arrived at the car rental office, the rep said to her, “We just got some brand new Mercedes S-Class cars in. They normally cost £60 but we’re running a special and only charging £50 extra. But tonight I want to offer it to you for just £20 more. Oh, and it’s Automatic.”

As you can guess, Constance said, “HELL YES!” 

One of the keys to her manifesting success is that Constance wasn’t obsessing about the upgrade for her whole flight and worrying about whether or not it would happen. 

She requested it, and then released it. 

In order to get what you want, you’ve got to stay connected to your desire, and then trust the Universe. 

Stay open to how things will unfold. After all, that’s the magical part!