Are You Manifesting Love the Right Way? (Part 1) | Episode 271

Are You Manifesting Love the Right Way? (Part 1) | Episode 271

Posted on: February 02, 2021

Are you looking to manifest love into your life?  Are you using the Law of Attraction in the most powerful way to meet the person of your dreams? 

Join your hosts Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane as they discuss the right way to use the Law of Attraction to manifest the relationship of your dreams!

Cassie and Ginny kick off the episode by shedding light on how, many times, when people are trying to manifest love, they keep their focus on the wrong things. 

The girls discuss how people tend to focus on how nothing is working out, feel that they are doing something wrong, and need to try harder to get what they want.  Then, they teach you how to up-level your story to come from the most powerful place possible and know and trust that you are doing everything right.

Next, Cassie and Ginny discuss the fact that there is no right or wrong way to go about manifesting love and that the power comes from doing what is right for you.

The girls dive deep into why learning to own your truth and following what feels right for you will ultimately lead you to what you are looking for and how to apply this when manifesting love.

Cassie and Ginny expand on owning your truth by discussing the importance of trusting yourself and not allowing outside influences to break the trust that you are building.

Next, Cassie and Ginny use the example of "putting yourself out there" to emphasize finding what feels good, learning to trust that feeling, and practicing trust to get to the place of knowing that you are being led down the path to your person.

Ginny and Cassie then discuss why getting clear and saying no to things that don't feel good leads you to what you want and why you never have to justify why something is a yes or a no.

Finally, the girls discuss why you get to choose when you are ready to meet the one and why questioning yourself is only taking you out of your power.

Be sure to tune in next week for Part 2!