Are You Manifesting Love the Right Way? (Part 2) | Episode 272

Are You Manifesting Love the Right Way? (Part 2) | Episode 272

Posted on: February 02, 2021

In a continuation of last week's episode, join your hosts Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane as they dive even deeper into how to manifest love the right way!

To kick off the episode, Cassie and Ginny discuss the time it takes to meet your person, how the wait is totally worth it, and how while you are "waiting" for your person, you are learning what you need to know to be ready for when they show up.

Next, the girls discuss what they did to get out of feeling like they were waiting for their person.  They dive deep into the importance of doing what you want to do now, being in alignment now, feeling the way you want to feel now, and not waiting for your person to show up to live the life you want.  

Then, Ginny and Cassie discuss creating experiences that are as good as they would be with your person before meeting them and how it is just different once they are in your life.

The girls also discuss the importance of taking care of yourself, doing what you want, and becoming the person you want to be when using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dream relationship.  The girls also dive deep into why it works, even though it sounds cheesy.

Cassie then talks about the workshop that made her who she is today.

Then, Ginny discusses how the biggest lesson she learned on her journey was taking full responsibility for how she feels and realizing that being in control of how she felt led her to her person.

Next, Cassie and Ginny dive deep into what Ginny realized and how you can apply what she learned to your life.  

The girls also reiterate the importance of choosing to be ready, moving forward no matter what happens, how that looked for Ginny on her journey to her person, and how being in the energy of building the relationship you want is critical.

The girls also discuss that it is okay if there are other relationships before you meet your person.  They discuss how these relationships are stepping stones to your person and how they help you learn the lessons you need to learn to meet the person of your dreams.

Next, the girls discuss the importance of not changing for other people to make the relationship work and that by honoring you, you are doing what is best for both people in the relationship.  They also discuss how you learn what feels good through experience.

Finally, the girls discuss that you can have everything you want in a relationship and making that choice will lead you to the relationship you dream of.

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