Are You Waiting for Covid to End? | Episode 233

Are You Waiting for Covid to End? | Episode 233

Posted on: May 05, 2020

If you are a person who’s waiting for this COVID-19 pandemic to end, then this episode is for you. Ginny and Cassie are going to discuss how to empower this waiting period and how you can use this as a lens to examine how you are manifesting.

Anything is possible if you’re not waiting for it to happen. Ginny and Cassie each share some stories about people they know who are waiting for the pandemic to end. Cassie continues on to tell us how our stories will drive our experiences before Ginny speaks to how COVID-19 will only change people who want to change.

We take our vibration everywhere we go, and it doesn’t change just because of conditions. The conditions might create a swing one way or the other, but you’ll always come back to homeostasis. Ginny explains that the state we are most comfortable in is where we spend our time, and Cassie adds that a situation like this will highlight who we really are.

Cassie explains there is no good or bad experiences, just different ones. Any experience can give you the opportunity to see things differently and become more conscious about the story that you’re telling. We then hear some examples of people who are thriving and people who are struggling – the same as any other time.

Let your judgement go and decide that you will write a new story. Find one minute per day to dedicate to your new story and commit to it. You can have everything you want right now, so be open to that possibility.