Become An Unstoppable Manifestor PART 2 | Episode 239

Become An Unstoppable Manifestor PART 2 | Episode 239

Posted on: June 06, 2020

In this week’s episode, Ginny and Cassie get into part 2 of their discussion about becoming an unstoppable manifestor. Learn to utilize these processes and you can find the path to the you that you’re meant to be.

After a quick recap of the first 3 elements, Cassie introduces the next step: willingness. Willingness means pushing outside of your comfort zone and being open and prepared to take action. It allows you to upgrade your thoughts while attracting growth.

Ginny talks about the need to pay attention to your thoughts and apply willingness to all levels of your process. Cassie says you need to be willing to change who you are to transform into who you will become. Both agree that willingness is different from wanting; want is an important first step, but you cannot attract without being willing to change and feel.

The next step is trust, which ties into willingness. You have to trust your process. Cassie explains that to build trust, you have to learn it; it can’t be taught. Trust that no matter what happens, you will be okay. Don’t place conditions on yourself! Think of trust as a muscle that has to be used for it to grow.

The final step is celebrating and being present. Ginny explains that this life isn’t just about the end result, it’s also about joy and experiences. Cassie goes on to say that by celebrating every step of your process, you are driving the momentum of creation. Go out and find something to celebrate today! Attraction is a continuous process and momentum only makes you more unstoppable.