Confident As Fu*k with Guest Author & Podcast Host Elle Russ | Episode 227

Confident As Fu*k with Guest Author & Podcast Host Elle Russ | Episode 227

Posted on: April 04, 2020

In this week’s episode, Ginny and Cassie welcome their amazing friend Elle Russ, author of the best-selling book The Paleo Thyroid Solution and her new book titled Confident as Fu*k. Elle is a well known podcaster, hosting Primal Blueprint Podcast and the brand new...Kick Ass Life Podcast!

Cassie starts by asking about the LOA story behind Confident as Fu*k and Elle dives in sharing how a big part of what turned out as a book, started years back with a hit of inspiration. Over years of noticing how many people were naturally drawn to her in life asking about confidence, she ultimately realized there were pieces coming together and something bigger emerging.

In talking about confidence, the girls highlight how when you’re in a state of trying to prove yourself, it’s often an act of defense, and while we would all prefer for people to like us, Elle says that the only thing that matters is what you think of you. Ginny adds in how being confident actually elicits a different response from people than when you aren’t sure about yourself.

On your pathway to becoming more confident, one of the very overlooked keys, lies in vulnerability. Elle explains that being vulnerable is the most authentic you can possibly be. One of the concepts Elle goes into is about what it means to be confident as an alpha, as well as the hurdles alphas must overcome to own their true confidence. 

As the trio wraps up, they touch on how confidence and vulnerability play such an important part in intimate relationships and experiencing the freedom so many of us are really after. 

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