Does The Universe Pull You Towards Things? | Episode 218

Does The Universe Pull You Towards Things? | Episode 218

Posted on: February 02, 2020

This week’s discussion in centered on when the universe is pulling you towards something. Before getting into it, Cassie talks about how she gets really clear about things before she will take on a belief or a thought. 

When Cassie hears about the universe pulling, her first thought is that the universe is us. Just because we are faced with a decision, the universe isn’t calling us; we’re most often calling ourselves. The universe is not separate from you, so there are no plans that aren’t already a part of you. Ginny and Cassie agree that you can trust yourself when you feel this internal call.

When we see the universe as us, there’s no single right answer to that we are presented with. Do you want what feels most loving? Do you want what feels most like your future self? Do you want what feels easiest? You have the power to make choices based on what you want more of. 

In terms of the universe delivering us signs, Ginny and Cassie both agree that they’re a reflection of what we’re looking for. We then are given an example of how our brain works based on our energy.

Ginny finishes up this episode by saying that literally anything is possible if you have a vibrational match to it. You have the power, and nothing is off limits!