Frustrated Your Manifesting Isn't Working? | Episode 231

Frustrated Your Manifesting Isn't Working? | Episode 231

Posted on: May 05, 2020

In this episode, Ginny and Cassie are talking about what to do when you’re frustrated because your manifesting is not working. They have some great examples to share and will help you realize that the solution is much easier than you might think.

Our hosts begin by discussing that when your manifestation does fall into place, it doesn’t feel like a huge deal; it just feels right. Ginny says that she often enjoys the anticipation as much as obtaining something. The magic is the journey that you are on. Ginny and Cassie each tell a story about long journeys to winning in athletics.

A lot of people get caught up thinking that they’ll be happy when they get what they want. Really, if you’re not enjoying the journey, you’ll feel like you had to sacrifice to get it. Cassie explains that by following this mindset, you’ll have formed a habit of making yourself feel unhappy before becoming happy.

We hear about how sometimes we can think that we don’t have enough progress or success to even acknowledge it. Ginny and Cassie use metaphors to simplify this concept and then encourage us to create our own standard of what should count.

Every time you celebrate good feelings in your life, you are building massive momentum. Cassie talks about how this can lead to feeling good and laughing for no particular reason. We don’t have a lifetime that only has high experiences, so remember that it’s about the journey. Acknowledge your small victories in the same way that you acknowledge your big ones.