How to Best Celebrate Love in Your Life | Episode 274

How to Best Celebrate Love in Your Life | Episode 274

Posted on: February 02, 2021

Did you know that you can use the Law of Attraction to celebrate and increase the love in your life?  Join your hosts Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane, as they dive deep into some unconventional ways you can celebrate love in your life!

To start the episode, Cassie and Ginny discuss how your thoughts about people will affect your relationships and the importance of thinking the most powerful thoughts we can about the people we love.

Then, Cassie and Ginny each tell a story about how being worried about someone isn't powerful and that you can celebrate your love for that person by up-leveling that worry and holding space for them.

Next, the girls dive deep into the power of having loving thoughts, and Cassie gives an experiment you can try if you want to increase, celebrate and honor the love in your life.

The girls then go into the importance of how you talk about the people you love.  They discuss talking about people with love and how you begin to act from a more loving place as you start to speak with more love.

Ginny and Cassie then discuss that acting from a place of love come so much more naturally when you start with your thoughts and are aware of how you are thinking and speaking first.

To wrap up the episode, Cassie and Ginny dive deep into the 5 Love Languages.  They discuss how being aware and honoring people's Love Languages will lead to deeper connections and the importance of honoring and owning your own Love Language to ensure your needs are met.

If you are looking to celebrate love, increase the love in your life, or deepen your connections in the relationships you already have, then be sure to tune into this episode!