How to Build an LOA Routine | Episode 215

How to Build an LOA Routine | Episode 215

Posted on: January 01, 2020

Today’s discussion revolves around how to create your Law of Attraction routine. We start by hearing about what an LOA routine refers to, with Cassie describing it as sacred. Ginny refers to it as an alignment practice; any intentions or thoughts that are directed towards aligning with your inner being is your LOA routine.

Your definition may vary, and it could be a routine or a ritual. Both are powerful and one is not better. Routines make us feel safe, while rituals are more fluid. Whatever it is, name it and define it for yourself. Doing this will make it stick because when it’s clearly defined, your brain understands more about what you’re doing.

Your role in keeping your practice inspired and connected is to bring awareness into it. As soon as you catch yourself doing something just because you feel like you have to, you can focus on it a different way as to bring the intention back into it. Cassie talks about how she uses this awareness technique when coaching.

When you feel like you need to do more, Cassie believes that it’s a sign you need to step back and be still more. You can work on manifesting all the time, but it’s a combination of the things that you do. A manifesting ritual should help you naturally go through your day with ease.

Ginny and Cassie end the episode by sharing some of their shortcomings they have experienced in their LOA rituals. Ginny says it’s important for her to remember why she’s doing this in the first place. It’s not to get somewhere, but to continue growth.