How to Get the Best Results When Using LOA | Episode 275

How to Get the Best Results When Using LOA | Episode 275

Posted on: March 03, 2021

Do you feel like something is blocking you from what you are trying to manifest?  Join your hosts Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane, as they give you some basic Law of Attraction (LOA) principles that will ensure you manifest the life of your dreams!

Cassie kicks off the episode by talking about how she did her own experiment from last week's episode. Cassie and Ginny use their experience to illustrate what inspiration feels like.

Then, Cassie and Ginny dive deep into the importance of doing things for the experience and not for the outcome, and how doing things only when they are inspired, or you just want to do them, is the most powerful place to be when using LOA.

The girls dive deep into how this may sound contradictory to what you may know about the Law of Attraction and how it can be hard to make this switch when you feel like you need to do things to get the results you want.

They also discuss that part of taking your manifesting to the next level is realizing that you are doing things for the outcome and starting to live from a place of inspiration and fun.

To give an example, Ginny and Cassie both discuss that they have a morning routine but that it is hard to explain what their routines are because they always come from a place of inspiration and what feels good.

Ginny gives another example of how she will sometimes catch herself when she is working out and has to shift her focus back to what is inspired and what feels good.

Next, the girls dive deep into the importance of letting something go once it is no longer inspired and how holding on to old inspirations keeps you from the new inspiration that will take you to the next level on your journey.

Cassie and Ginny then discuss the importance of checking in with yourself, being clear about why you want something, and allowing that to help you determine if you need to tweak what you are doing or let it go completely.

Finally, Cassie and Ginny use their commitments to their Future Selves as an example of how being clear about what you want will help you stay in alignment and know when you may need to do something that doesn't feel amazing to manifest what you want.

If you want to get the most out of using the Law of Attraction, or you want to take your manifesting to the next level, then this is the episode for you!