How To Get Out of a Funk | Episode 230

How To Get Out of a Funk | Episode 230

Posted on: April 04, 2020

This week’s manifesting episode is about how to get out of a funk. Though you might think that Ginny and Cassie are immune to these, they assure us that they definitely are not. We’ll learn that funks are a very natural part of you moving towards your vision, goals, dreams, or whatever it is you’re creating in your life.

And what about a funk that goes on for a longer time... is that still part of the normal manifesting process? It’s important to be true to yourself and have the focus that serves you - Ginny points out some signs that can identify when you have more control over your life than you might think.

Nothing’s wrong with having to go back to the basics to take care of yourself and once you master the basics, you’ll be able to move through funks faster whenever they come up.

Throughout the episode Cassie and Ginny share with us 3 practical steps to shift out of a funk, check off these steps in order and you'll be feeling great again before you know it!