How To Manifest WITH Your Partner | Episode 219

How To Manifest WITH Your Partner | Episode 219

Posted on: February 02, 2020

Have you ever wanted to share your manifesting experience with your significant other? This week Cassie and Ginny discuss the easiest and most effective methods of working together towards a manifesting desire. 

The number-one element that allows for manifesting with your partner is letting go of the need that it has to be a certain way. Everyone has their own process, and giving that space offers the greatest power to manifest. 

Once you’ve cultivated a positive environment, then you can start talking about what you want to create. Hold the intention of your conversations to result in a win-win instead of one person having to sacrifice what they want. 

The beauty of manifesting with your partner is that you’re sharing ideas with each other, and when pieces of the desire are falling into place, you both notice and add momentum. 

Be sure to have fun with it and let the unknown be the unknown. If it doesn’t seem like a match, be willing to give it some space and set it down. Remember, there is always the potential for both you  and your partner to manifest everything you want!