How To Set Boundaries LOA Style | Episode 229

How To Set Boundaries LOA Style | Episode 229

Posted on: April 04, 2020

Ginny and Cassie are discussing how to do boundaries LOA style in this week’s episode. Setting personal boundaries is one of the most powerful ways to step into your true self.

Traditionally, boundaries have been about pushing away what you don’t want. Ginny explains that setting boundaries LOA style means claiming what you do want and provides a completely different vibration. The ladies both share personal stories about how they set boundaries the LOA way.

Setting boundaries is about being clear about who you are and what is important to you and communicating that to others in an authentic way.  

You know you are setting an appropriate boundary when it strengthens your connection to your true self. That’s a lot of what setting boundaries in LOA is about – you’re not justifying it, you’re just being it. Cassie then talks about a boundary she recently set when someone tried to tell her how to spend her money.

You strengthen yourself by being able to set boundaries. Be true to the experience that you want to create in life and own it. That’s the LOA way!