How to Solve Problems the LOA Way | Episode 232

How to Solve Problems the LOA Way | Episode 232

Posted on: May 05, 2020

This week’s episode has Ginny and Cassie talking about how to problem solve the LOA way. The way in which we approach problems versus solutions has a huge role in our manifesting and growth.

Often times problem fixing can get in the way of momentum for manifestors. Cassie talks about how focusing on problems is a natural response, but one we can get stuck in. Ginny adds in that it is often because we equate problems to giving something up for a solution. Remind yourself that you get to have everything you want.

Cassie shares a story from last year about how she felt too busy and had no space for herself. She felt like she was going over and over her schedule to decide what to give up. She goes on to reveal that as soon as you hit that mindset of giving something up to make room, you are getting stuck in the problem. Instead, align yourself with what you love and what you want more of. The space will reveal itself.

When tackling problems, just don’t. Instead, see other opportunities that the problem presents. You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. Break the habit loop of doing things just because you used to. Growth means change, so accepting it enables the vibrational work that will attract the solutions.

Approach a problem from a place of empowerment. It is happening for you, not to you. There is nothing you have to sacrifice; you get to have everything you want!