How To Use LOA in a Crisis | Episode 228

How To Use LOA in a Crisis | Episode 228

Posted on: April 04, 2020

Ginny and Cassie are talking about how to use the law of attraction during a crisis in today’s episode. If you didn’t totally resonate with the recent episode about how it’s okay to feel good during the COVID-19 pandemic, then this episode will be particularly important for you. It might be the case that you have been inspired back to LOA in times like these and feel a sense of frustration and Cassie and Ginny explain why...

By only practicing LOA when there’s a large problem, you’re jumping into a great deal of resistance, which makes the journey harder. You’d be at quite a disadvantage when compared to someone who regularly practices, and in some cases you might even find yourself creating crises in your life just so you can get back to attracting.

This is such a time of opportunity. It’s ideal for transformation, and if you haven’t gone all-in on LOA yet, it’s the perfect time go for it. LOA is working in everyone’s life whether they decide to leverage it or not. Choose to use that power.

You also don’t need to feel too positive right now. If you’re sad, angry, or hurt, you need to feel those feelings first. After that, you can decide what you want and start to create something. This will allow you to see clearly instead of just overwriting your feelings. It’s a time to just become aware.

This pandemic doesn’t need to slow down your manifesting at all. It doesn’t do you any good to worry. Be present with today and realize that you have enough. Learning to be patient and that things will show up when you need them is crucial.

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