It's Okay To Be Happy In Anytime | Episode 226

It's Okay To Be Happy In Anytime | Episode 226

Posted on: March 03, 2020

Our topic for this week is why it’s okay to be happy anytime. This obviously comes up during the events happening in our world right now, and it’s so applicable to life in general. 

When you have clarity about where you’re going and how it relates to who you’re being now, you it's easier feel confident in your present self. And in a time where there is so much unknown, having this clarity is extra important as it gives you a feeling of certainty within. 

People are always going to be in life situations that are worse or better than yours, and as you deliberately choose the belief that things are working out for you, the wider the gap becomes. We learn that as life is going better for us, it can seem like other peoples’ lives have gotten worse even though they haven’t changed.

Cassie tells us that evolution may not have caught up with how we can now see pain all over the world. She expresses that we should remember we weren’t built to take on everyone’s pain; we were built to take care of our tribe.

When you let yourself feel good, you’ll be able to see that influence in the people around you. As okay as it is to feel happy, it’s also okay to feel sad - everyone processes in different ways and the most important thing is to feel it, allow it, and be okay with wherever you are at.