LOA and Online Dating | Episode 221

LOA and Online Dating | Episode 221

Posted on: February 02, 2020

How to best use LOA in the online dating world! Does signing up for online dating makes it easier to connect with people who aren’t what you want? When do you know if going online is right for you?

We hear about how online dating offers a much larger pool of singles compared to our daily lives. Because you’re looking at more options, Ginny explains that we will obviously see more of what we don’t want. This can activate a less than ideal story within us if we’re not paying attention.

Cassie reveals why “putting yourself out there” isn't a good reason to start dating online, and coming from a place like that, it’s not fun. Online dating is beneficial when you’re in alignment with it and creates resistance when you’re not. If online dating doesn’t seem fun to you, explore what your other options are.

It's essential to be clear about what you want when you go into online dating. You can then easily determine if something is a fit or not. Online dating sets you up to pay attention to checkboxes when that’s not the essence of the relationship.

If it’s not a “hell yes,” it’s a no. Ginny reiterates that you must spend time getting clear on what you want, and that when it stops being fun, get out. Just because it was inspiring to start the process doesn’t mean that you can’t stop later on.

Online dating is an amazing platform to play with when you are in alignment with the experience and when you make your alignment the priority, it's a world of perfect possibilities.