LOA & Social Media | Episode 225

LOA & Social Media | Episode 225

Posted on: March 03, 2020

Ginny and Cassie are discussing how Law of Attraction relates to social media in today’s episode. When you post to social media you are creating, whether you are conscious of it or not, and therefore you want to mind your energy. 

When we are in alignment, we want to share the good things happening in our lives, which is what makes up most of social media. Some people take issue with people posting only positive things, saying that people are not being real. Ginny and Cassie explain how there is nothing wrong with only sharing the good, and how sharing negative situations with everyone can actually hurt you by giving the issue more energy. 

There is an idea that it is inauthentic for people to only share the good side of their lives. Really, it is okay to be your authentic self for only a small group rather than everyone on social media. There are no rules to what you have to share. The two describe the difference between transparency and authenticity and what that means regarding social media. 

How can you show up authentically on social media? Ginny and Cassie encourage you to always go into it with a conscious mindset. Be deliberate in what you put into and take out of the world, knowing that it’s okay not to post certain things. Social media can be amazing in many ways, but when you are just going through the motions it adds no value. 

Engage with what you want more of and share what you want to see different in the world. You can control what you get out of social media by bringing conscious awareness to how you want to express yourself and what you want to engage with.

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