The Manifesting Balance Between Taking Action & Sitting Back | Episode 216

The Manifesting Balance Between Taking Action & Sitting Back | Episode 216

Posted on: January 01, 2020

In this episode, Ginny and Cassie are confronting a problem that a listener asked them for advice about: the balance between letting the universe provide and taking your own action to make things happen.

To get the discussion rolling, Cassie asks Ginny what she thinks it means for the universe to provide. Ginny goes into the balance between trusting and doing, which inspires Cassie to point out that the universe is a reflection of us. Doing is an action, and while trusting isn’t an action, this doesn’t mean that it’s a non-action either.

One way to help yourself trust is to think about all the things that have previously worked out for you. Ginny says that when you feel calm, you know that you are in a trusting state. She provides further insight on letting yourself be okay on your path and stresses the importance of identifying what your beliefs are towards a given situation.

In addition to clarifying what you are pursuing, choice is another way to create balance. Cassie believes that when a situation presents itself, you have to choose based on what you want and what’s in alignment. She then shares an example of choosing to be in alignment before Ginny talks about the awareness that is involved when honoring your beliefs.

When you’re showing up and taking actions that are in alignment, then the universe can help you receive what you’re looking for. Remember that the universe is providing knowledge and support; not the thing. Before signing off, Cassie tells us an exercise which will show us that what we want is on its way.