Manifesting with a Non-LOA Savvy Partner | Episode 220

Manifesting with a Non-LOA Savvy Partner | Episode 220

Posted on: February 02, 2020

Co-creation in a relationship sounds great, but what about if your partner isn't into LOA the way you are and doesn't want to talk about it? This week Cassie and Ginny discuss the best ways to approach manifesting and still leverage your partners energy even if you don't "speak the same language."

The most important basis to set is that you have 100% power to manifest everything you want without your partner inhibiting or getting in your way. You must start with owning your power! 

We get to take responsibility for what’s being cultivated in our home. That responsibility is ours and no one else’s. Ginny provides an example of how our partners’ negativity can turn us away from LOA without even being aware of it. Your allowing state will eventually train them to respond to you differently.

If your partner isn’t LOA, Ginny and Cassie suggest not talking about manifesting in LOA terms. Ginny is a big believer in being the example by being happy. Eventually, your partner will notice that things are happening so easily for you, which can be very empowering.

Giving your partner the space to choose instead of forcing them into doing it is much more beneficial. The more you manifest and lead by example, the more likely they will be to join in.

Remember manifesting together is all about combined ideas and energies, and there are endless ways to leverage the energy you share with your partner.