Manifesting as a Writer - Part 3 | Episode 291

Manifesting as a Writer - Part 3 | Episode 291

Posted on: June 06, 2021

Cassie and Ginny are joined again this week by author, speaker and coach, Elle Russ, for the final episode in this 3 part mini series about leveraging the Law of Attraction in your writing. 

Whether you are writing articles, blogs, books, stories, poems for work or for fun, you have the power to create exactly the experience you desire. This week, Cassie, Ginny and Elle talk about:

  • Reasons why everyone should write (should you?)
  • Stories of manifesting around writing
  • What happens when fear arises in the process?
  • Is there power in the goal of 'getting it done'?

And be sure to check out Elle's brand new 8-week writing program, Knock it Out, Get it Done.

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