Negative is Not the Enemy When Manifesting Money

Negative is Not the Enemy When Manifesting Money

Posted on: January 01, 2022

In this episode, Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane talk about the N inLOA the Manifest It Now Waywhen it comes to attracting money. N stands for “negative is not the enemy”. Cassie and Ginny highlight how people often think they are supposed to worry or that worry makes them manifest faster. They point out how many people also think they should focus on debt and getting rid of it when they are really focusing on what they don’t want. If you want to understand how you can allow things to be neutral to improve your manifesting, you’ll want to tune in. You’ll learn how to turn down the drama to manifest more money. 


Ginny explains, “Nothing is negative when it comes to money.”


Cassie explains, “Everything is simply information and we get to determine how to interpret it.”

Ginny and Cassie both share a story about how they resisted debt and pushed against it. It created more of it for both of them. They also share how they shifted from negative to neutral and started manifesting money faster. 


Then the co-hosts teach you how to end your money drama and stop pushing against what you don’t want. They will teach you how to make money information neutral so that you clear the path to attract more money.  They also share what bonus stories will be shared in theManifest It Now  Hub.


The girls then share this statement for listerns to practice to shift their focus to more money.


I know when I focus on money, money comes.



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