Tap Into Beingness to Manifest Money

Tap Into Beingness to Manifest Money

Posted on: March 03, 2022

In this episode, Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane talk about the second T inLOA the Manifest It Now Waywhen it comes to money manifesting. The second T stands for tap into beingness. Many people confuse stepping into beingness with “fake it until you make it.” When usingthe law of attraction to manifest, it’s never a good idea to fake it until you make it. Additionally, it doesn’t feel good. Beingness is slightly different than acting as if and the nuances will help you to manifest money quicker and easier. 

Ginny defines tapping into beingness as, “Experiencing the energy/emotions of the person who has the money you want - and takes actions from that place.”

Cassie defines tapping into beingness as, “Thinking and behaving in the way the person who has more money does. This leads to belief.”

Ginny and Cassie share stories of how they stepping into the beingness of of having more money and they manifested money. 

Then the co-hosts teach you how to tap into beingness to manifesting money. They also share what bonus stories will be shared in theManifest It Now  Hub.

The girls then share this statement for listeners to support tapping into the beingness when manifesting money. 

I know that when I behave like someone who has more money, more money shows up. 


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