Using the LOA to Improve Communication (Part 1) | Episode 277

Using the LOA to Improve Communication (Part 1) | Episode 277

Posted on: March 03, 2021

When using the Law of Attraction to create your dream life, people often don't realize that you can use your LOA skills to improve communication. 

Join your hosts Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane, for the first part of their discussion on using your LOA skills to deepen your connections through better communication!

To kick off the episode, Cassie and Ginny discuss 2 myths that are common with communication and what is possible when you start to change your perspective.

Then, the girls discuss the 4 emotional parts of communication. They break down why the words we say can be misinterpreted and how everyone has a different meaning for things based on their experiences. 

Next, Ginny and Cassie dive deep into some techniques that will help you to better communicate by creating emotional connections.

Cassie and Ginny also discuss why being willing to be vulnerable is essential in communication and how your communication will deepen when you are willing to ask uncomfortable questions.

Then, the girls dive deep into the energy you are in when you communicate, how it isn't always our words that create the miscommunication, and how to use your LOA awareness to communicate more effectively.

Finally, Cassie and Ginny discuss LOA strategies to get the most out of your conversations.  They discuss the power of setting intentions and how you can use them to choose how you want a conversation to feel before you have them.

If you are looking for deeper connections or feel like what you are saying isn't always heard, be sure to tune into this and next week's episodes!