Why Do I Always Attract The Same Kind of Guy? | Episode 234

Why Do I Always Attract The Same Kind of Guy? | Episode 234

Posted on: May 05, 2020

This week’s episode has Ginny and Cassie discussing the reasons we seem to always attract the same kind of person in romantic relationships. Turns out, the story we are telling ourselves about who we attract isn’t always true.

Ginny talks about how many of her clients often come to her with this kind of question. Both ladies agree the important thing is to check your own story. Cassie talks about how it all comes back to you and what you focus on; it’s important not to allow what you don’t want in relationships.

It’s not what you say but the energy behind the words. Ginny and Cassie say that, so often we are manifesting desires from fear without realizing it. It’s all about intent. Cassie explains it doesn’t mean that anything is wrong with you if someone disappears from your life quickly. Rather, it means the universe is giving you a sign that your vibration is speaking louder than words.

Be deliberate! Ginny explains that doing so is not about analyzing the past. The time is now. Instead of being addicted to drama, move forward to get what you want. Cassie wants you to really think about if you are creating a life that attracts drama or one full of love and adventure. Feel feelings, not drama!

You attract what makes your story true. This includes not just what’s on the surface, but what you are putting out vibrationally. It is necessary to do your vibrational work before entering into any new relationship. Allow yourself to be seen. You have all the power.