Why Trying to Solve Problems Doesn’t Work | Episode 281

Why Trying to Solve Problems Doesn’t Work | Episode 281

Posted on: April 04, 2021

Does trying to solve problems bring stress into your life? 

Join your hosts Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane as they dive deep into why trying to solve problems doesn’t work and how to use your Law of Attraction (LOA) skills to create a life of ease.

To kick off the episode, Cassie and Ginny discuss the cycle of trying to fix things and then feeling relief, and Cassie tells a story to illustrate what that cycle looks like. 

Cassie and Ginny discuss why this cycle keeps you stuck and that the key to getting what you want is to change who you are being. 

Next, the girls discuss the difference between planning and inspiration and dive into the importance of the energy behind your actions.

The girls also discuss patterns to be aware of, how to use awareness to start getting different results, and the importance of letting go of things being perfect.

Finally, Cassie and Ginny discuss why less is more, why letting go is vital to getting what you really want, and the importance of being present. 

If you are looking to make significant changes in your life and want it to be fun and easy, this episode is for you!