You ARE Prepared for What's Happening | Episode 224

You ARE Prepared for What's Happening | Episode 224

Posted on: March 03, 2020

When there are major things going on in the can you best approach this as a deliberate creator? In this weeks episode, Cassie and Ginny talk about how you are already in the best position, to not only "handle" global concerns, but successful manifest through them.

As manifestors, you are literally primed to be able to choose and be conscious about where you place your energy and attention - and with dramatic events unfolding on the larger scale, you are in the position to vibrationally lead so many others. 

The most important aspect is controlling what you can control and trusting the rest. Become aware of where and what kind of energy you are giving to subjects and people involved and choose who you want to be through an experience. 

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