Practice WORKS!

Practice WORKS!

Practice WORKS!

A few hours ago I got off the phone with the women in my mentorship group and I always love our time together, but today felt extra awesome! Each one of the women shared a real life manifestation that happened for them in the past week.

  • An invitation to be a regular guest blogger and share her message
  • Recognition of her great work from senior staff in the company
  • A whole morning getting paid to do what she loves
  • A gallery asking and eager to represent her artwork

The best part is…they were all specific experiences they had been deliberately practicing in the past months!

They got clear about a desire and literally practiced it into being.


Last week I was speaking with one of my clients about how consistently working through the process is literally re-training the neural pathways in his brain.

It is a combination of all the practiced thoughts that creates your personal “neuro-net” in the brain, which is what you create and experience and your reality through. He is a runner, so I explained it using the example of running.

What if you are a runner? You have been running your whole life, going along fine, and then you realize a desire to run a 1/2 marathon. This is like you going through life, thinking whatever you are thinking without much awareness and then one day realizing you would like to experience more passion in your life.

You do some research and realize to run easier and more efficiently there are changes you need to make to your running stride, so you hire a running coach to help you adjust your technique and more easily reach your goal. The same as you research and realize the role mindset plays in life and that there are certain changes you could make in your thinking that would help you experience more passion, so you hire a mindset coach to help you create a more passionate life.

Your running coach wants you to shorten your stride, gives you exercises to start practicing and works with you to modify slight techniques as you move. Your mindset coach guides you to activate the appropriate vibration, gives you exercises to start practicing and works with you to fine tune the vibration as you progress.

Those first few weeks, you want to keep going back to your old stride, it’s easier and way more comfortable – seriously has anyone ever tried to change their gait after decades of practicing one way? It is challenging. And you know what’s more challenging? Changing the thought patterns in your mind. You have practiced those thousands of times a day over all the decades of your life.

But if you want to experience something different in your life, you must adjust your mindset and thought patterns about it. It is 100% possible, the examples from the women above are proof.

Practice, adjust. Practice, fine tune.

This is the process of learning anything new. Training your mind is a skill, and like learning a new way of running, it takes practice. Lots of it.

All of these women started their journey with LOA Skills Camp, so if you want help creating a new reality, and someone to guide and fine tune your practice – check it out here!

If in the future, you find yourself getting frustrated or questioning why you aren’t “there” yet, come back to your practice and put your focus and energy there, with the knowing that consistent practice works!