Hi I'm Ginny!

As a Consciousness Coach and Law of Attraction expert, I know one thing for sure: 

The most important journey we ever take is discovering who we really are.

My life has been dedicated to learning and re-learning that same lesson time and time again. Because when you master the art of being your true self, everything is possible. 

Before I found my purpose coaching others to step into the freedom of owning, expressing, and embodying their most authentic selves, I had to uncover my truth first. 

Early on, I was the girl who did my best to fit in. I often acted the part others expected of me: Be easy-going. Be happy. Be smart. Be sporty. Be normal. In short: be who I thought the world wanted me to be. My own needs and desires? They took a backseat to the role I played, and what I eventually realized, the mask I wore. 

I didn’t know the REAL Ginny. The deep down, soul-level version of me was buried under layer upon layer of expectation, obligation and conditioning. It was as if I hadn’t actually met myself yet. And because I didn’t know who I was, I wasn’t living a life that fit me. It was as if I was wearing an itchy sweater I didn’t realize I could take off at any time. 

For a long time, I accepted this is as “just how it is.”

Until, one year, everything changed. 

With college came a cosmic unraveling of my identity. I really began to question who I was inside, and what I wanted out of this beautiful spin around the world my soul was taking. 

As new parts of myself unfolded, so did new desires. 

I desired to date women.

I desired wild success without sacrifice.  

I desired freedom in love. 

desired to do purposeful, passionate work.

I desired to trade cold Canadian winters for Vitamin D and sandy beaches. 

I desired to live a semi-nomadic lifestyle. 

I desired grand adventures, epic travels, and once-in-a-lifetime explorations. 

Each time I honored one of these new desires — and did the work to believe they were possible for me — my life expanded greatly. The more connected to Self I became, the more Source lit the way for my dreams.  

I felt humbled and lucky — and very free! 

Manifesting became second nature. New opportunities dropped out of the sky. My intuition increased. Along the way, I found Great Love…and my life’s purpose.  

Don’t get me wrong: 

Stepping into my Full Self meant shedding my existing layer of consciousness and raising the vibration of my thoughts. It meant clearing emotional residue and reworking my beliefs and patterns. It meant letting go of the woman I thought I was so I could embrace the woman I was meant to be. And all of that takes awareness and effort. 

But you better believe, the view is WORTH the climb. 

I’m living proof that how you start doesn’t need to be where you go. You can change directions, seek out new things, and experience a fulfilling and authentic life — one that matches who you are on the inside. 

Today I Live My Truth — and I show women like you how to do the same. 

If you were raised to play by the rules…You have permission to rewrite them. 

If you were taught to fit into what makes others comfortable…You have permission to shatter the mold. 

If you were led to believe in playing small…You have permission to dream bigger.

Above all, remember this:

No matter how much you ignore it, the desire, the thought, the dream within you is ALWAYS there. And it’s MEANT to be birthed. 

This dream will be insistent and steady. It will knock on the door of your mind, day after day, not-so-gently asking: “Are you ready for me yet?” 

And only YOU can choose when you let it in.

Believing in your fullest potential,

If now is the time for you to:

Step into your Power

Set yourself Free

Express your Authentic Self

I can help.

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