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loa action plan
Daily Practice

In this downloadable PDF guide, I reveal the 4 daily routines for getting into alignment and amping up your attraction power. 


the champion mindset

Listen to my best-selling book on how to leverage the Law of Attraction (even if you think you know the basics).


Alignment Quiz

Decode your current stage of alignment and learn the next step on your journey to activate your full manifestation potential.

Top Ranked Podcast

Manifest It now

In this podcast, my co-host Cassie and I show you how to turn the Law of Attraction into your biggest ally. With over 300 episodes, this is a behind-the-veil look into how the Universe *actually* works — with hands-on strategies and practical tactics for surrendering to the flow (instead of fighting what is). 


One part fun, one part deep, all parts real, Manifest It Now is your shortcut for creating like a LOA pro.