Truth From The Heart

There are a few people close to me going through some significant life transitions right now; trying to get pregnant, processing a diagnosis, letting go of a relationship and grieving a sudden loss.

When we are in these spaces, it’s habitual to spend a lot of time thinking about everything and trying to figure out the answer. We can think and spin circles and spend weeks, months or years trying to understand – Why did this happen? Where did I go wrong? What is going to happen? How does this work? What should I do?

All of these questions arise with the intention of finding clarity, right? That intellectual understanding somehow allows our monkey mind to rest, so we spend all of our precious thought energy searching and seeking to find the answer. But we never do because the real answer is not there.

You will never be able to think your way to the true solution, because truth does not come from the mind. Truth is only known through our heart.

You see, whatever the energy is that instructs a rose to bloom, seasons to exist and new life to be created, happens without our conscious energy or attention to it. This is the same energy that organizes our universe and the same energy that flows to and through you in every moment.

This is the energy of truth and the quickest way to truly understand the answers to all of those questions you are asking yourself, is to surrender to it. Let go of trying to find the solution, release the struggle and trust in this divine energy to guide your next step.

For now, every time you catch yourself spinning, just stop and say “I’m letting go of figuring it out this red hot minute, and handing it over to you universe.”

Yes this is easy to talk about and more challenging to apply in your life, but learning and experiencing this concept of surrender will change your life. You will begin to open up the energetic space to receive. To receive guidance, inspirations, ideas, actions, abundance, love, fun, peace, clarity. It all starts with your decision to let go of control.

Chloe Richards

Chloe Richards

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