The Most Important Law of Attraction Lesson

Janette was a product marketer for Adidas.

It was a dream job! Janette got to be creative and make a real impact.

But as the years wore on, Janette witnessed lots of drama in upper management and a demanding, strenuous work culture. 

And she leaned in hard. She reacted the only way she knew how… by meeting stress with more stress. 

Janette became so overwhelmed that she had to take a 3-month mental health break. 

Her first week off, her appendix burst, and she was rushed into emergency surgery!

But it actually wasn’t totally the job.

It was Janette too.

She was a people pleaser… an extreme one. 

She took on loads of responsibility she didn’t need to… like the happiness of her co-workers and success of her whole department. 

And what happened?

Her anxiety created a serious physical condition… her body’s way of forcing her to stop. 

She had her wake-up call.

So she called me for coaching.

When we first spoke Janette was anxious about going back to work, even though that was months away. 

I told her, “we’ll get there when we get there.”

I guided her to make Janette the top priority… taking care of herself and putting alignment first.

So she eased into this new way of living. 

She started meditating. 

And reading. 

Doing home projects around the house with joy. 

She got out into nature – paddle boarding and camping. 

She enjoyed her life. And only did what she truly wanted to do.

If she didn’t feel like going out with friends, she didn’t go. (When she previously would’ve felt the peer pressure to go, even if she wasn’t up for it).

She repeatedly practiced LOA by consistently getting into alignment with her authentic self.

By the time her leave was winding down, she felt 100% different. 

And she looked ahead to work from a place of curiosity and trust… not fear. So of course I wasn’t surprised when…

… two weeks before her leave ended, she was offered a totally new position…

A strategy role on a tech team… in a whole new department!. 

The Universe reached out, and offered Janette a reset.

She’s able to bring her new vibration to this brand new group and job. She’s now a few weeks in, and it’s amazing. 


The job is different because Janette is different.

Now she’s setting boundaries. 

She’s letting go of responsibility for other people. 

She’s not taking on more than she needs to. 

This is THE most important Law of Attraction lesson we all need to learn…

We’re only responsible for what we can control… which is how we FEEL.

Whenever we try and do otherwise… we’ll go crazy. 

It’s simply not our job. 

(And as in Janette’s case, if you try and control what you shouldn’t… your body might shut down to make you listen). 

What about you… is your body sending you any signals that you need to pay attention to?

Slow down and listen. 

Chloe Richards

Chloe Richards

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